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If you are interested in the recording of Dr. Bob Scott’s webinar on the Standard Process Detox Balance Program contact Nicole Green at (603) 773-2046 x1 or ngreen@spnens.com.


New Products

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E-Z Mg

E-Z Mg™ is a plant-based, multiform magnesium (Mg) developed to support patients with inadequate dietary magnesium intake. Made from two key ingredients: Swiss chard (beet leaf) and buckwheat - both grown on our sustainable and certified organic farm in Wisconsin.

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Metabol Complex

Metabol Complex is a comprehensive formulation containing Fenugreek seed, Cinnamon bark, Bitter Melon fruit and Black Cumin seed. This combination of herbs provides many active compounds including essential oils (containing cinnamaldehyde and thymoquinone), steroidal saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids (trigonelline), mucilage, glycosides (including momordicins) and sesquiterpenes.

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Hemp Oil Complex

Hemp Oil Complex™ is a unique formulation of ingredients, combined to provide a 3-in-1 benefit for the whole body - supporting the endocannabinoid system, inflammation response resolution pathways, and endogenous anti-oxidant pathways.