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This guide features combinations that stand out as favorites among health care practitioners. These top six Standard Process and MediHerb® product pairings provide opportunities for health care professionals to introduce patients to the supportive benefits of our products.

Protomorphogen™ extracts are found exclusively in Standard Process products. Learn more about what makes Protomorphogen™ extracts so unique and the products in which these extracts can be found.

In response to nutritional deficiencies caused by the growing processed food industry, Catalyn was the pioneer catalyst that launched the whole food supplement movement. Today, Catalyn is still on a mission to be the supplement that makes everything work better. It all started in 1929.

Our dedication is so strong, we have emerged as a pioneer and expert in organic farming. Plants grown organically contain less potentially harmful chemicals, and organic farming is safer for our farmers; our environment; and our plant, animal, and human neighbors.

No matter how large or small your practice is, learning to delegate effectively and motivate your team is a crucial part of team success and happiness. Delegation also frees up more time for clinicians to focus on what they do best and creates room for the practice to grow.

This e-book will guide you through the stages of Dr. Royal Lee’s life and provide you with a glimpse of the history and events that helped shape him. You can look forward to learning more about his pioneering vision, whole food philosophy, and mission to help transform lives.